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Krzysztof Wegrzyn was born in Zakopane (100 km from Cracow) in 1954. He graduated from Technical School studying Making String Instruments in Nowy Targ. He broadened his technical knowledge in the workshop of Franciszek Mardula in Zakopane, who is consider a Master in this field in Poland. Since 1977 he has been a member of Polish Violin Makers Association in Warsaw. He also continued expertise under the supervision of Mieczyslaw Bielanski from Wroclaw.

Krzysztof Wegrzyn's specialization is making new instruments: violins, violas as well as cellos which are based on Antonio Stradivari’s model. He uses spirit varnish, a recipe that is strictly followed by Italian violin makers.

K Wegrzyn with his Master F Mardula
K Wegrzyn with his Master F Mardula


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